• Company B: Communications Challenge #6

    Communications Challenge #6:

    Global brands are experienced locally.

    So, for Bayer, we helped develop and maintain a Canadian expression of the global Bayer brand. Now the company has the best of both worlds.

Bayer Inc.

Corporate Communications

The Challenge

Bayer Canada faces the same challenge that every other Canadian office of a multinational company faces: how do you tell your story in a made-in-Canada way while taking full advantage of the parent brand’s powerful existing equity? 

Our Solution

For the past five years Company B has helped Bayer articulate a Canadian expression of the global Bayer brand, to both its own employees and the Canadian public. Every piece of communication we’ve created for Bayer, from corporate brochures, a web site, intranet and e-newsletter to internal programs like employee orientation, wellness and green initiatives has successfully merged a Canadian identity with the larger corporate vision, giving Bayer the best of both worlds.