• Company B: Communications Challenge #15

    Communications Challenge #15:

    A choice that no one knows about is no choice at all.

    So, for the Canadian Hydronics Council, we made radiant hydronics the most highly prized form of home heating. And in the process, changed the marketplace. Now consumers are warming to the message.

Beautiful Heat


The Challenge

The Canadian Hydronics Council represents stakeholders in the radiant hydronic, or hot water, heating industry. While radiant hydronic heating is the home heating system of choice in Europe, in North America the system had never been properly presented. Most consumers didn’t even know what radiant hydronic heating was. 

In fact, the category of home heating itself didn’t even exist. Most consumers didn’t know they had a choice in home heating (other than which fuel to use for the furnace). The question “what type of home heating system do you want” rarely came up.

Our Solution

Working in our favour was the fact that home-related purchases are emotional. Our target homeowner buys granite countertops, imported marble tiles and stainless steel appliances not because they are functionally superior but because they complete the idea that you have “the best.” And the few consumers who did know about radiant hydronic heating perceived it to be the best form of heat. 

We leveraged that perception to create a branding campaign, web site and public relations strategy that positioned radiant hydronic home heating not just as a home heating alternative, but as Beautiful Heat – the finest home heating system one will ever experience. At every point of communication, we presented Beautiful Heat as the most idyllic, most beneficial form of heating available.

Homeowners realized they not only had a choice in their home heating. They had a choice they could aspire to. The kind of choice that generates warm feelings, physically and emotionally.