• Company B: Communications Challenge #12

    Communications Challenge #13:

    Building html emails is time and skill-intensive.

    So Company B Social developed an efficient html email creation tool. Now our clients find it easy to spread their good news.

Company B Social

HTML email engine

The Challenge

Putting together an internal company html email newsletter takes significant coordination. Information arrives from numerous sources, in differing formats. The creation process requires several different skill sets. The need to reach mobile devices adds a layer of complexity. Yet each e-newsletter has to work as one consistent, cohesive unit. It’s a process that takes time and specific skills, and both are rare commodities in most organizations. Our clients needed a way to make e-newsletter creation simple.

Our Solution

Company B Social created an html email engine that gives any user the power to build well-designed corporate e-newsletters. There’s no need to understand coding; anyone who knows basic word processing can now quickly build their own e-newsletter. Our clients simply bring the content. Company B Social supplies the back-end technology, pre-programmed templates, and an automated newsletter-creation process specifically designed to make every step easy.

The tool allows for complete flexibility, giving users the power to create e-newsletters in multiple languages, a combination of formats (for desktop email, mobile devices and the company intranet) and a text only version. Even the newsletter design process is intuitive; what the builder sees is the same thing every reader sees, even on mobile phones. Now when it comes to our clients’ stories, everyone is on the same page.