• Company B: Communications Challenge #9

    Communications Challenge #9:

    Benefits delivered piecemeal do not feel beneficial.

    So, for Bayer, we packaged a series of separate employee wellness options into one meaningful, cohesive program. Now everybody benefits.

Bayer Inc.

Work-Life Balance Program

The Challenge

As a large employer and supporter of a healthy work/life balance, Bayer offered its staff a long list of wellness options. But because these wellness options weren't packaged in a unified fashion, people simply picked the items that appealed to them and missed everything else.

Although this worked in theory, the fact was that each benefit or program, taken separately, had limited appeal. And because employees didn't see their benefit choices as part of a larger plan, they weren't appreciating the full potential of Bayer's offering. In fact, many employees didn't even know the full range of options available to them. Our job: make Bayer's series of wellness options feel like “good benefits.”


Our Solution

Bayer promises the consumer a higher standard through its tag line “Science for a Better Life.” It was clear that Bayer had to live what it promised. The company had to think of its long list of wellness options as a single, valuable offering.

Our solution involved packaging every benefit, program and facility under one umbrella brand, called “Life at Work.” We created a micro site in which all options were listed, complete with descriptions and photos. Essentially, the program meant that Bayer's promise of a better life for all started right in their own offices.

As well, to employees, there's more value in saying ‘we offer Life at Work' than there is in saying “we have a gym.” By combining every wellness option into one brand, Life at Work became a Human Resources asset – one which could help Bayer hang on to valuable staff.