• Company B: Communications Challenge #4

    Communications Challenge #4:

    Parity products defy differentiation.

    So, for InStorage Self Storage, we developed a unique personality that could be expressed in print, in the store and online. Now they’re packing the customers in.

InStorage Self Storage

Identity & Complete Program

The Challenge

InStorage Self Storage was a new brand formed from several existing companies, selling one of the most generic commodities around: empty space. Not only was this commodity the same no matter who sold it. The public saw little difference between any of the competing storage companies.

In order not to fall into the trap of having to continually offer discounts and price cuts to compete, the company needed to clearly differentiate its brand. Our mission: set InStorage Self Storage apart from the competition.


Our Solution

The company needed more than an ad campaign. It needed a personality. The one we developed was unexpected, playful and memorable. We didn’t talk about storage space the way everyone else did, as a basic commodity. Instead we took the point of view of the one thing customers cared about more than anything else: their own possessions.

The campaign, “where your stuff wants to be,” was versatile enough to work in print, in posters at each facility and on the company web site. And by focusing on stored items instead of empty space, the campaign positioned InStorage Self Storage as the one company that cared about the same thing its customers did.