• Company B: Communications Challenge #7

    Communications Challenge #7:

    Employee orientation can be disorienting.

    So, for Bayer, we unified a series of disparate programs under a single, welcoming vision. Now every employee is heading in the right direction.

Bayer Inc.

Employee Orientation Program

The Challenge

Bayer is a large pharmaceutical company hiring dozens of employees every year. And though new employees are generally anxious to get started and contribute meaningfully, the sheer volume of information each had to learn regarding the nature of their jobs, company procedures and corporate culture prevents that from happening right away. In fact, Human Resources experts agree that it takes 90 days for a new employee to be truly effective within an organization. Our task: ensure Bayer's new employees were as ready as possible at the end of that 90 days.

Our Solution
Bayer needed an inclusive and proactive way to introduce each new hire to the company. To achieve this, we first created a unique, welcoming brand called Hello Bayer, designed to introduce employees to Bayer's collaborative culture. We developed all program materials including a look and feel, a single orientation package, collateral materials and guidelines for using the new brand and logo. But Hello Bayer had another advantage.

The program actually got new employees started before their first day on the job. We developed a Hello Bayer extranet where new hires could log on and start learning all about the company before their arrival. The extranet included company information, a “before you start” checklist, a CEO's welcome video, even a virtual tour. So by the time they got to Bayer, employees could hit the ground running.