• Company B: Communications Challenge #14

    Communications Challenge #14:

    “Local” doesn’t always mean “easy to find.”

    So, for Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, we used social and search tools to link Ontario’s Greenbelt farmers with communities looking for locally grown and produced goods. Now connections are sprouting across the region.

Ontario Greenbelt Fresh

Online Marketplace

The Challenge

A wide variety of fresh local produce, jams, meats, wines and more can be found throughout Ontario’s Greenbelt. It’s all available everywhere from large organized farmers’ markets to simple roadside stalls. The problem wasn’t supply, but awareness.

Despite increasing demand, consumers and bulk buyers didn’t have a way to tap into the local food network growing around Ontario’s Greenbelt. People were missing out on what was in their own back yard, and Greenbelt growers and producers needed a way to spread the word.

Our Solution

The Greenbeltfresh.ca Online Marketplace connects those growers and producers with consumers and bulk buyers looking for fresh, homegrown food. Company B created the design and set up the site, which can handle a wide variety of users and searches, has a database for growers and producers to join, and even offers recipes for consumers and additional resources for bulk buyers.

With several different search parameters (such as type of product, geographic proximity and style of market), community grower and producer profiles and a guide to what’s in season, the site drew attention to the Greenbelt’s rich harvest, making it easy for everyone to access. And feeding the need for locally grown options.