• Company B: Communications Challenge #5

    Communications Challenge #5:

    Conference attendance is directly related to perceived value.

    So, for Ontario Centres of Excellence, we gave the Discovery conference a "must be there" story. The result: record-breaking attendance by a high-value crowd.

  • Ontario Centres of Excellence

    Discovery Conference

    The Challenge

    Ontario Centres of Excellence is dedicated to helping bring innovations to market. Discovery, the latest in the organization’s series of signature annual events, would connect hundreds of entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, students and government representatives in a vibrant exchange of ideas. Our mission: Generate attendance in a world where time is precious, budgets are tight and travel is scrutinized as never before.


    Our Solution

    Discovery had to be seen as a vital, unmissable conference. We developed a theme entitled “Future Ready: Innovation for a global marketplace” that spoke directly to the needs of our potential attendees. Discovery would be the only venue where one would be assured of connecting with tomorrow’s brightest minds and learning about emerging trends. 

    We didn't stop there. Armed with our “Future Ready” position, we then helped develop and organize many elements of the conference, from planning and organization to the creation of all signage and collateral materials to the building of a unique Web site and video components.