• Company B: Communications Challenge #10

    Communications Challenge #10:

    "Green" is so overused it's turned grey.

    So, for Bayer, we put a fresh take on their existing environmental program. Bayer became one of Canada’s 30 greenest employers. Now green is always in season.

Bayer Inc.

Environmental Program

The Challenge

Although Bayer had various environment-friendly projects in place, each one had been launched as a separate initiative. Bayer asked Company B to help capture and articulate a unified vision, into which all green initiatives would fit. “Green,” however, is easily one of the most over-used concepts in business today. Our challenge, then, was to give Bayer a green program that actually had meaning.

Our Solution

The fact is, people don't buy into actions, like changing light bulbs. People buy into ideas. Fortunately, at Bayer, the idea of environmental consciousness was already part of the corporate culture. It just needed to be expressed in an integrated manner. So we developed a position based on the fact that working at Bayer meant that you took a planet-friendly approach to everything you did.

The program, which we named Green Matters, included a logo, posters, collateral material, events planning and a position statement that clearly articulated Bayer's commitment to the environment and encouraged employee involvement.